TT Hlubocepy - Barrandov - Czech Republic
Post-tensioning and incremental launching of 2 bridges technology limit conditions

Scope of works performed

Project of steel grid in factory, lateral guides and launching equipment attachment

Supply of launching hydraulic

Launching performance


Post-Tensioning Incremental Launching

VSL Systems CZ Ltd.
CZECH Republic

Main Contractor

Subterra Co., ZS Brno Co

Project technical data

Bridges length 472m and 298m
Number of launched spans 6 and 7
Number of spans on scaffolding 5
Longitudinal slope 6% and 6,2%
Transversal slope 2%
Radius of curvature 787m
Longitudinal Post-tensioning 315 t


Novak&Partner Ltd.


Dopravni Podnik HL. M. Prahy

Project Description

The two tram bridges belong to the new built tram track Hlubocepy-Barrandov. Due to deep valleys and difficult accessabiltiy, it was impossible to apply traditional methods for construction. For this reason the designer of both bridges applied an incremental launching method for the total length of the frist bridge and the prevailing part of the second bridge.

Bridge construction by means of this method is based on segmental deck production in casting yard, that is located in front of the bridge abutment. The deck is pulled out of casting yard after particular segment tensioning. The bridge is incrementally launched on supports, that are equiped by lateral guides and sliding bearings. Steel nose is fixed to the front of the deck to reduce the bending moment of the first segments.

For the maximal reduction of the risk involved with this construction method, the installation in early stage of development was supervised by VSL Swiss field specialists, having considerable experience with bridge constructions using this method.

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